The Agenda for Monday’s meeting of the West Hollywood City Council is public, and if you do AirBNB or care about the housing market in West Hollywood, you will want to pay attention.

Here are some highlights from the Agenda for your entertainment:

  • NOTA BENE: Council will start at 6PM rather than its usual 6:30 PM, with a Special Study Session on the work program for the Community Development Department (those are the people who do Planning and Historic Preservation
  • PROTECT YO-SELF! Council is considering appropriating $5,000 to give out free sunscreen in City Parks
  • HELP THE HOMELESS: Council will consider directing Public Works to install Parking Meters where people can donate to help the homeless.
  • WESTWOODWEHO Sports Festival: For the third year in a row, the City will consider sponsoring the WeHo Sports Festival, this year to the tune of $36,000 with an additional $7,862 in waived fees. The event takes place mostly on the UCLA campus, but why Bruin your life and learn about Geography?!?  Under the new Special Events policy, the organizers had to provide last year’s budget, and the City’s $50,000 sponsorship accounted for 62% of the event’s revenue, while the overall event lost $10,914.  The event had 642 participants.  Comparatively, LA PRIDE, for example, typically benefits from $600,000 in public benefit from the City in terms of waived fees and public safety for the parade and brings in 100,000 or more visitors to the City each year.  Just sayin’,,,
  • CAPITAL CONNECTION: We get an update on Capital Projects such as buildings and things the City is spending money on and learn that the short-term future of the empty lot at Santa Monica and Crescent Heights will be a surface parking lot, with no long-term plan or planning in the books–as far as priorities is is #10 of ten.
  • SHORT TERM SOLUTIONS: With nearly one in 20 housing units taken out of the market for short-term rentals such as AirBNB, the City of West Hollywood will consider an Update on Enforcement of the Short Term Housing policies. Among the proposals are to allow hosted short term rentals where the host is living in the property while renting out part of it, like a room or a couch, but most other short term rentals would remain illegal and be subject to enhanced enforcement techniques the City plans on modeling after Santa Monica.

In short, that’s the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of what to expect at Monday’s West Hollywood City Council Meeting on July 17th!