Welcome to WeHo Stories, where we try to highlight some of the history behind West Hollywood’s favorite places, and ask for you to share your own memories. In our first installment, we introduced the concept and went over the background of a site that has been lost to time–The Jaguar.

Today, we look at the history of a site that has only recently been part of the LGBT nightlife scene despite being in West Hollywood for 95 years–Flaming Saddles.

Flaming Saddles during construction during conversion from Eleven in 2014.

Here are six interesting facts you may not know about Flaming Saddles…

  • The Building where Flaming Saddles is located was built in 1922
  • The building was originally known as the First Bank of Sherman
  • The building later became Larrabee Studios, where Cher and Prince recorded songs
  • In 2007, Richard Grossi opened Eleven Nightclub, easy to remember because of its address at 8811 Santa Monica Boulevard
  • Grossi opened his venue up to many political causes, including fundraisers for Freedom to Marry Minnesota in 2012, and election night parties for Betsy Butler and Brad Torgan for Assembly (2012) and the West Hollywood Term Limits Initiative in 2013.
  • Seven years later, Grossi sold the business to the owners a Flaming Saddles, a wildly successful gay country bar in New York City.

And the rest, as they say, is History.

Do you have a memory of Flaming Saddles, Eleven or even Larrabee Studios you’d like to share?  Add it to the comments and we may highlight some as a fun fact!
Featured image from Eleven Nightclub on Facebook, photo by Jason King / Fresh Fridays