According to census estimates, the median age of West Hollywood residents is 40.7 (I'm above average!), and more than 45% of residents are between 18 and 40.

However, when it comes time to vote and get engaged in their community, they are less likely to be involved.

According to Political Data, Inc., West Hollywood has 13,791 voters over the age of 44 and 14,313 44 and under.

Of those who have voted in at least the Primary or General election in 2016, or have registered to vote since, 10,795 are 44 and under while 10,033 are 45 and older.

Among those most likely to vote in City elections, however, 1,412 are under 44, while 4841 are 45 and over. (Universe 17LA2)

So while Gen X and Millenials are just as likely as their elders to vote in big elections, they are significantly less likely to vote in City elections and are outnumbered 3-to-1.

So tonight, the City of West Hollywood is hosting NextGen: Civic Impact for the Next Generation at the Andaz Hotel on the Sunset Strip. There will be speakers, food, drinks and DJs! And maybe some new faces. Hopefully. The event goes from 6-8 PM.