Pride weekend drag brunch at The Abbey Weho

Last month, the much anticipated reality TV show, “What Happens at the Abbey,” debuted on E! Network, generating buzz and some consternation in West Hollywood’s Boystown, as some feared a second successful reality show based on Robertson Boulevard would only increase the number of tourists, adding to the hordes to flock to SUR and PUMP.

But the Vanderpump-in-a-Gay-Bar concept didn’t resonate so well in its curtain call.  The premiere of WHATA debuted in 57th place on Sunday night, with a 0.17 share and 373,000 viewers, a one-million viewer drop-off from its lead-in, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

In week 2, WHATA improved to a 0.18 share and 422,000 viewers, then in week 3, WHATA dropped back to its premiere levels with a 0.15 share and 342,000 viewers–edging out a Women’s College Softball game in the same time slot.

Just three episodes into the seven-week season, E! Network executives effectively pulled the plug on the program, moving it from 10 PM to midnight, leading some close to the show to speculate that a the season’s final episode on Sunday, June 25th, could be the series’ finale as well.

But not so fast!  Despite losing the lead in viewers from Keeping Up with the Kardashians, WHATA is keeping more than 80% of its viewers from the better time slot!

This week’s penultimate episode got a 0.12 share and 310,000 viewers, narrowly losing its time slot to Fox News’s coverage of the London Mosque attack, but beating CNN’s Newsroom Live.

For comparison, the penultimate episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 had a 0.32 share and 637,000 viewers on Friday night during prime time.

So maybe there’s hope for Curray and friends after all?