Despite their best journalistic efforts, the New York Times fails to answer the question, how gay must a gay bar be?

DJs Paulo, MVRK and Ben at Micky’s Level2Lounge

On any given Saturday night in West Hollywood’s historic Boystown, the question becomes important to ponder. 

I do not have an answer either but have some metrics and considerations to throw out there:

  1. Numbers: There is a critical mass somewhere between 60-80% of clientele that makes a place seem authentic to its identity. 
  2. Massing: Are all the straight girls huddling together in a group or are they with actual gay friends? That makes a difference. 
  3. Behavior: The percentage of gay/straight clientele is less important than their behavior. Dancing when or where no one else is? Woo girl-ing, well, anytime ever? Please don’t. 
  4. Entertainment:  Have a drag show or a bunch of gogo dancers and you’re bar is pretty gay regardless of who the guests are. 

Let’s turn the question around though: how sporty does as sports bar need to be? Must they show sports all the time? Can they have disco music playing over the sports ball games’ audio? Must their logo be in the collegiate font?

What do you think the answer is, and how can we protect our historic neighborhoods’ identity?