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This weekend was LGBT Pride across the country in places like New York, Chicago and San Francisco, and a disturbing trend emerged: those who do not fit an ideological orthodoxy were shunned, shamed and excluded from the celebration. 

In Chicago, two Jewish lesbians were kicked out of the Dyke March, in North Carolina, Gays for Trump were excluded from the Pride parade and in New York, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley who spoke out against gay oppression in Iran and Russia was jeered leaving brunch during Pride.

Let me propose four Principles of Pride that I hope our community can agree on and live by:

  • Diversity: Just as homosexuality is found in every species in the animal kingdom it is found in every race, ethnicity, religion, ideology and socioeconomic group. We are all one. 
  • Inclusion: If you want to be part of our community then you are welcome! The more the merrier and the stronger we will be, together. 
  • Creativity: Our diverse community has tons of talent and we should embrace it from the ground up rather than impose a top-down orthodoxy of what and how to be LGBT. Marriage Equality wouldn’t have happened had the “leaders” of the gay movement had their way and blocked legal challenges like Windsor and Prop 8
  • Kindness: The power of coming out is that people who know and love us will continue to know and love us as members of the LGBT community. Hateful rhetoric doesn’t change hearts and minds. Kindness, compassion, understanding and engagement does. You catch more bears with honey than with lemons. 

Plus, these principles come with an easy to remember acronym which we all love!

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