Responding to news that the largest LGBT Dance Club in the Nation’s Capitol would be closing next year, Washington Blade editor Chris Crain asked his Facebook friends:

Pre-R.I.P. to Town, like Nation, Tracks, Apex, Badlands and Remingtons before it. (Along with Atlanta’s Backstreet, the Armory and Blu.) All were felled by luxe apartments or sports stadiums. Are big-box and medium-box gay dance clubs done for?

In West Hollywood, The Factory is slated to become the Robertson Lane Hotel in the near future and RAGE seems to be surviving but just barely.  The Abbey’s dance floor is as likely to be filled by a drag show than it is to be a place for dancing, and Micky’s dance floor is only open late nights on weekends.

Is Dancing passé for the gays? Or is it real estate economics?

Sure, part of the problem is economics. High opportunity costs have made it hard for larger parcels to justify operating as a late night dance club a few nights a week when they could be making more money as luxury apartments renting at $3000 or $4000 a month.

But, and maybe it is just me getting older, but has Grindr replaced grinding on a dance floor?  I see as many straight girls dancing at The Abbey or Micky’s or even Motherlode on any given night than the gays.  But of course, I’m not out after midnight too often.