What will we do in WeHo without RuPaul’s Drag Race to entertain us on Friday evenings? We will have to wait until next week to find out…

In the meantime, those lucky enough to attend the taping of last night’s Season 9 Finale were waiting to see whether two moments made it into the televised version… they didn’t, so here’s what you missed:

At the beginning of the episode, all fourteen contestants took the stage and after a dramatic entrance RuPaul implored the contestants, declaring, “may the best woman win!”

Valentina, image from @rupaulsdragrace

The crowd at Glendale’s Alex Theater then started chanting, “Valentina! Valentina! Valentina!” as if hoping that this season’s People’s Champion would be brought back for the Finale. 

Another moment lost on the editing floor came during the contestant interview section. Shortly before the Finale’s taping, Season 2 winner Tyra Sanchez had been in an online row with fellow contestant and Micky’s regular Morgan McMichaels, falsely declaring the latter’ death, and starting and online drag war that went beyond WeHo. 

So the crowd loudly booed Sanchez when she came up to ask a viewer question of Shea Coulée about how you respond to negativity on the internet. Coulée’s response? “Talk shit, get hit!”

Morgan McMichaels performs at Mickys on Friday June 23

We can report that McMichaels is very much alive and well, as she hosted Micky’s’s viewing party last night and will return Monday for Showgirls at 10:30PM with Raven and Mariah Balenciaga.